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A typical South Tyrolean

The Vernatsch grape is used to make the delicate red wine known as St. Magdalener. The traditional area of cultivation is on the hills and steep slopes to the north of Bozen, which are among the sunniest sites in South Tyrol.

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Fresh and fine

The St. Magdalener is fuller and more intensive than other South Tyrolean Vernatsch wines and yet still fresh, elegant and uncomplicated. So it is not surprising that more and more  young vintners are producing this classic all-rounder.


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Quality guarantee

From the grape to the bottled wine, the quality and origins of the St. Magdalener are strictly monitored. In order to be able to guarantee the very best quality, the Consortium for the protection of St. Magdalener wine has created a trade mark for the St. Magdalener.


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The St. Magdalener Event

Autumn is the season of mellow pleasures, and every year producers of the classic St. Magdalener invite wine lovers to “The St. Magdalener Classic”. The St. Magdalener Weekend offers a mix of information and aromas.

The St. Magdalener Classic

A portrait of the St. Magdalener

Fresh and elegant versatility

The St. Magdalener is a wine with character. Distinctive and versatile, fresh and elegant. That makes it a winner. It is authentic – just like the people of South Tyrol.

This delicate red wine is the ideal companion to a variety of dishes. Its  harmonious balance between tannins and acidity makes it the ideal choice for a “Brettljause” platter or finger food, for light antipasti, fish dishes, veal and pork and also cheese.

Thanks to the warm climate in the Bozen valley basin and the addition of a small portion of full bodied Lagrein (normally between 5% and 10%), the St. Magdalener is fuller and more intensive than other Vernatsch wines in South Tyrol.

This award-winning wine can be identified by its intensive red color, which can vary between ruby red and purple. The wine has floral and fruity aromas, including cherry and raspberry and a delicate bouquet of almond and violets, sometimes accompanied by a hint of marzipan. The St. Magdalener can be stored for between two and five years.  Serving temperature is between 14 and 16°C.


St. Magdalener in brief

The St. Magdalener is a delicate and elegant wine with finesse, a wine with a good balance between acidity and tannins. It is fuller and more intensive than other South Tyrolean Vernatsch wines.

The St. Magdalener is a highly versatile wine. It is a good companion to a “Brettljause” platter or finger food, to light antipasti, fish dishes, veal and also cheese.

Vernatsch and up to 15% quality red grapes from the area of cultivation.

The St. Magdalener is best served in a Burgundy glass.


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St. Magdalener producers

“The St. Magdalener is a real all-rounder. Many people prefer to enjoy the wine with a meal but it is also popular as a wine to be drunk with a group of friends.”

Josephus Mayr from the Tenuta Erbhof Mayr-Unterganzner
Chairman of the Consortium for the protection of St. Magdalener wine