The producers of St. Magdalener invite you to various events and tastings throughout the year:

Calici di stelle

On Wednesday 10th of August 2022 from 6pm, a very special wine tasting will take place in the centre of Bolzano. This event is one of the highlights of the summer. In the atmospheric setting of Bolzano’s arcades, visitors can taste the fine wines of Bolzano surroundings.

The producers of Bolzano are available for information and present their best wines. The wines can be tasted in a convivial atmosphere.

Aperitivo lungo

  • on Friday 2nd of September 2022
  • 17.30 – 23.00
  • on the St. Magdalena hill
  • with live music
  • entrance fee: 30,00€ including beverages and fingerfood
  • Shuttle-service from Rentsch/Rencio
  • reservation necessary: +39 0471 307000
st.magdalener_culinarium_2020_produzenten_verkehrsamt_bozen_manuela_tessaro (4)

“You can respect traditions without being dull and antiquated: Although our region has a very long wine-growing tradition, today’s St. Magdalener is a fresh and elegant, easy-drinking wine that also appeals to many young wine drinkers.”

Hannes Spornberger, Kandlerhof

Number of producers 2018


Wine tasting 2018

20-40 wines

Visitors in 2015

approx. 150