St. Magdalener Wine Consortium

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Josephus Mayr | President | Kampillerweg 15, 39053 Kardaun BZ, Italy
Hannes Rottensteiner | Vice-President
Philipp Plattner | Cashier

Federica Randazzo | Ambassador
Leopold Larcher | Ambassador

Main activities concerning St. Magdalener DOC wine: maintaining the characteristics, monitoring quality, consolidating and promoting sales of the wine and consortium members. No direct acitivity of viticulture, production or sale of wine. Legal seat at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano: Südtiroler Straße 60 | 39100 Bozen BZ | Italy. Tax number 80024110217.


Winecity Bolzano/Bozen (Bolzano Wine Tasting, Calici di stelle, St. Magdalener Culinarium, Bacchus urbanus)
Alto Adige / Südtiroler Wine Road (Wine Cellar Night)
Südtirol / Alto Adige Wines (Wine Summit, Top of, Vinitaly, Prowein, etc.)