2018: a great year for St. Magdalener
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1. August 2018
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13. November 2018

2018: a great year for St. Magdalener

An excellent vintage & 2 new wine ambassadors

In order to increase even more the notoriety and visibility of St. Magdalener wine our Consortium for the Protection of St. Magdalener is going to rely upon two wine-experts in the near future. The Consortium appointed the sommeliers Federica Randazzo and Leopold Larcher official Ambassadors of St. Magdalener. Their mission is to broaden and fix the presence of our St. Magdalener wine among wine lovers. And this is not the only great news that we want to share with you: 2018 will be an excellent vintage!

The Consortium for the Protection must ensure that each quality criteria is satisfied during the production process. However, this is not the only duty that has to be carried out: the Consortium must take care of the constant presence of St. Magdalener in the public opinion as well. For this reason we are glad to rely upon two wine professionals that will help us in this task by actively promoting and putting our St. Magdalener wine under the spotlight during wine-tastings, premières and events.

Federica Randazzo, St. Magdalener’s wine ambassador and wine journalist, deeply believes that our St. Magdalener embodies South Tyrol like no one else does: “This wine blends together two historical and autochthonous grapes, Vernatsch and Lagrein. These vineyards grow in the hills that surround the city of Bozen, which offer a unique terroir for the production of this quality wine. Aside from its historical roots, St. Magdalener is an incredibly modern wine characterized by freshness, finesse and elegance but with a fruity and vigorous taste as well. Thanks to the perfect balance between tannins and acidity this wine is extremely interesting and eclectic to drink”.

The wine ambassador Leopold Larcher has worked from 1996 to 2016 in the South Tyreolean Sommelier Association and during his career he covered several important roles. Nowadays he is the Class Director of “ONAV” and member of one of the DOC-Commissions of the Board of Trade in Bozen. He states that St. Magdalener can be considered a real standard-bearer of South Tyrol, particularly as far as Bozen is concerned: “Lorenzinacht, St. Magdalener Culinarium and Bozen Wine Tasting are just a few of the events in which our St. Magdalener stands out as protagonist. In the last decades the St. Magdalener has definitely accomplished a great qualitative leap”.

The 2018 vintage

We are pretty optimistic about the 2018 vintage and vice-president Ulrich Trockner has no doubt about it: “This summer we had many sunny and warm days and this weather set the perfect conditions for an optimal ripening of the grapes. Acidity and sugar content were perfectly balanced; these are the ideal prerequisites for a top vintage”. The 2018 vintage will be available from March, 2019.