New board elected
Calici di Stelle 2017 in Bolzano
31. July 2017
St. Magdalener Event
22. August 2017

Josephus Mayr is the new president of the Consortium for the Protection of St. Magdalener wine.

A change of leadership for the St. Magdalener Consortium: Josephus Mayr (Mayr- Unterganzner wine estate) was unanimously elected to the presidency during the last council.

Vice-President Ulrich Trockner (Braunhof) will support him for the next three years. The new members of the Board include Philipp Plattner (Eggerhof), Christian Plattner (Waldgries wine estate) and Stefan Falser (Falserhof), three representatives of the new generation of St. Magdalener producers.

“My predecessor Heinrich Plattner has done an excellent job. It will be my concern to continue successfully along the road that he has traced”, says Mayr. Its agenda outlines a number of priorities, including giving greater visibility to the image of St. Magdalener in South Tyrol but also abroad. It is a wine with a body ranging from light to medium and robust, which makes it compatible with current trends.